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Four Factors To Consider When Getting A Bridal Makeup Artist

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Saturdays are mostly associated with weddings. The beautiful bride is joined to her husband in holy matrimony. Today’s article is dedicated to soon-to-be brides who want to look gorgeous on their wedding day. Here are four factors to consider when getting a bridal makeup artist.


Photo: Instagram / @nigerianwedding


1. Have them do a rehearsal makeup before the wedding

There is a saying that “you can’t give what you don’t have”. If your makeup artist says they can transform you into a princess on your big day, they may as well start the transformation before the “D” day.


Have the artist do a rehearsal bridal makeup on you so you know what you are expecting. If what you see isn’t good enough, run as fast as you can. This way, you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money up-front. You simply move on to another makeup artist.


Have the makeup artist do a rehearsal makeup before the "D" day
Photo credit: @nigerianwedding


2. Speak to former clients

Ideally, it’s always better to use a makeup artist by referral. Focus on a client that the makeup artist has worked on. These beauticians are always quick to show pictures of their clients. However, these photos can be clients of other makeup artists. Have a conversation with a former client; that way, you can decide what to do. A makeup artist is quick to tag their clients on a post. Why not click on that tag today.


3. Consider how the makeup artist works

Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. The point above is important when the makeup artist is female. If she looks like a masquerade when she applies makeup on her face, she will likely do the same to you. There is nothing as annoying as spending your money to look good for your groom and invited guests at your wedding, but end up looking like Shrek.


However, also consider that some people put on makeup to look how they want to. The fact that the artist loves wearing thick eyebrows doesn’t mean that she can’t do natural-looking brows.


Celebrity makeup artist Anita Adetoye. Photo credit: @anitabrows


                                        4. Help the makeup artist to understand what you want

This brings us to our last point. There is no need beating around the bush. Every soon-to-be bride must know what they want. Have a photo of what you will like to look on your wedding day. That way, the makeup artist isn’t confused or trying too hard to please you. You have already provided a template for them to work with.


Your bridal makeup artist is a key part of your wedding plan, and the earlier you start planning to get a good one, the better for you.

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