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Four Actual Cryptocurrencies You May Find Weird

It is the age of digital wallets. Cryptocurrency is more popular now than it has ever been. Facebook’s new Libra is all over the news today. However, there are other types of cryptocurrencies already in the market that you might find weird. However, people actually invest in them.


Regardless, it will be great to know some of the funny and weird cryptocurrencies out there. Money may be serious business, but who says it can’t be fun too?


1. Dogecoin



The currency pretty much started as a joke based on a viral dog meme in 2013. That is not all, Dogecoin also has a mascot. It is a playful Japanese dog called Shiba Inu.


However, people have used the coin to buy serious things like properties. The currency also experienced an upsurge in January 2018 by hitting a market cap of $2 billion. Furthermore, the Dogecoin community sponsored a huge sports event and donated money to fund clean water in Kenya.


Isn’t that quite impressive for something inspired by a dog meme? Unfortunately, a hacker once accessed the Dogewallet file system and routed coins to another static IP address.


This caused the company to start a fundraising initiative to help donate coins to those affected. The efforts were thankfully successful within a month. Good Doggie!


2. Kodakcoin



In January 2018, popular photography film company Kodak announced its entry into the cryptocurrency market. The company designed KodakCoin to work as a currency for the licensing of photographs.


However, KodakCoin’s initial coin offering experienced a delay. It won’t launch until 1st July 2019. It was made to be used on the company’s KodakOne platform which is based on blockchain technology.


KodakCoin uses web crawlers to identify stolen images online and get licensing fees. The plan is to actually pay photographers in KodakCoin. They also intend for Miners to use Kodak’s KashMiner to extract more coins.


3. Cryptokitties



If you thought dogs were getting all the action with Dogecoin, well its time for our feline friends. CryptoKitties are a blockchain-based game that make lets you buy, sell, breed and collect online virtual kitties.


Recently, a CryptoKitty sale made up to $170,000 in cash. For more serious-minded people who have no interest in cats, the Catcoin is an option for them.


4. Whoopercoin



This cryptocurrency was created by the Russian arm of an international food chain company, Burger King. It is designed as a cryptocurrency for doing trade by barter.


It was created as a loyalty program for Burger King in Russia. Customers get Whoopercoins for money spent on their purchases. If a customer collects 1,700 Whoopercoins, they get a free burger.

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