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Formula 1 still on track for full sustainable fuel

Formula 1 still on track for full sustainable fuel use by 2026

Formula 1, the car racing championship, says that it is still on track to reach its goal of moving all its cars to sustainable energy. Also, it has plans to reach a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030.

While it is still working on fully sustainable fuel, the company is already using E10 fuel, whose name comes from its being 10 per cent ethanol.

Explaining the next course of action, F1 managing director of motorsports Ross Brawn said, “We’re working on an E fuel where the carbon circle is completely neutral so the carbon utilized to produce that fuel is the same quantity as the carbon emitted from the internal combustion engine.”

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What this means is that the kind of fuel they plan to develop will not add anything to the carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere. Pat Symonds, the chief technical officer at F1, will be heading the project.

He claims that they have been working with Aramco and have already tested ’39 surrogate blends of fuels.’ “This has helped us understand the effects of the different types of blends that you can use in a sustainable fuel. We’ve been testing those in a single cylinder Formula 1 power unit, so it’s representative testing — and I think that’s helped accelerate our progress,” Symonds added.

Climate change is becoming more of a live-with threat than ever before, and it is encouraging that Formula 1 is embracing this new sustainable fuel strategy. Hopefully, more market shakers in sports (and other industries) will start taking pollution a bit seriously.

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