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Former Cisco Engineer Sudhish Kasaba Ramesh Pleads Guilty To $2.4 Million Worth Of Network Disruption

Former Cisco Engineer Pleads Guilty To $2.4 Million Worth Of Network Disruption

In the news today, a former engineer at Cisco, Sudhish Kasaba Ramesh, pleaded guilty to causing a $2.4 million worth of network damages.


Ramesh was formally charged on 13th July 2020 for the crime of hacking into Cisco’s network and causing wanton chaos. The incident had occurred in 2018, not long after he resigned from the tech company.


ZDNet’s account of the details leading to the incident are as follows: Sudhish Kasaba Ramesh, a 30-year-old engineer had left Cisco in April 2020. His resignation was not explained but he seemed to have been one of the top engineers in the networking department of Cisco.


Months after leaving the company, Ramesh sent a disruptive code from his Google Cloud Project account. The code allowed him to gain access to Cisco’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) profile and delete 456 virtual machines.

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This led to deactivating 16,000 Webex Teams accounts within two weeks. In a bid to quickly rectify the problem, Cisco allegedly had to pay its employees $1.4 million in overtime. Additionally, the company had to pay the affected customers a total of $1 million in refunds.


Ramesh, who is currently on bail, took the guilty plea agreement at a federal court in San Jose, California. However, he faces a jail term of up to five years and a fine of about $250,000.


“He admitted that he acted recklessly in deploying the code, and consciously disregarded the substantial risk that his conduct could harm to Cisco,” the US Department of Justice says.


Cisco revealed that no private information of users was compromised. The company, which always prides itself on its tight security protocols, believes that the law would take its full course. The court will sentence Sudhish Kasaba Ramesh on 9th December 2020.


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