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Ford unveils latest police truck, F-150 Lightning Pro SSV

Ford unveils its latest police electric truck

Ford’s latest police vehicle is the F-150 Lightning Pro SSV, so named because it is literarily a Special Service Vehicle. The company is no stranger to serving the needs of law enforcement agencies and it already has a version of the F-150 truck that it designed for the police.

However, the latest vehicle is in line with the road transport shift from gas-powered to electric-powered vehicles. It wouldn’t make sense that the government is promising to tackle climate change if its policing is still contributing significantly to pollution.

Like its predecessor, the F-150 Lightning Pro SSV, brings unique features like a police-grade heavy-duty cloth seats that has reduced bolsters to aid officers carrying arms to enter and leave the truck quickly.

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It also has steel intrusion plates in the front seatbacks to protect officers from behind. There is a LED warning beacon mounted on the roof as well as instrument panel top tray to easily mount equipment.

The interior is made of vinyl to make it easier to clean than thick rug floors. Like all other Ford Pro vehicles, this police edition has commercial telematics software that helps monitor location, car health and other features.

To sweeten the deal, the company says that it will add a two-year subscription for police departments that buy the SSV.

The F-150 Lightning Pro is designed for would be fleet owners like companies, governments, and so on.

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