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Ford Proposes A Pickup Truck Emoji

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Ford is campaigning to get a pickup truck emoji to be shortlisted into the new characters set to be introduced next year. However, the campaign is being done secretly. Ford refuses to disclose that it is behind the proposal.


There are speculations that this is an important emoji in favour of Ford. They believe that, since they are a leading brand in pickup truck making, they have more incentive to push for it. Ford ran an advert where it said it created the pickup emoji.


Ford Pickup Truck


Interestingly, when an emoji proposal was filed, it was not filed under Ford’s name. Instead, it was under the guise of a marketing firm that works with Ford. The proposal also went as far as referencing other automakers including Ford.


Ford, in a statement, said they did this because they wanted to credit the creativity of the employee who came up with the idea. However, the marketing firm was not listed in the proposal. The company that oversees emoji development, Unicode Consortium, agreed that it was a solid proposal. Although, they thought Ford should have included its involvement in the proposal.


Ford Pickup Truck emoji


The consortium will make conclusions on what emojis will be included in our phones by 2019. The company has stated in its ad that the emojis will be available soon. But it is still at the discretion of the consortium to decide.


The pickup truck emoji proposed will be subjected to some review if it were to be on our phones. Each company will make its own version of the truck emoji character. The images of the truck will end up looking a lot more generic.

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