You are currently viewing A foldable iPhone is near as Apple gets foldable, self-healing screen patent
A foldable iPhone is near as Apple gets foldable, self-healing screen patent

A foldable iPhone is near as Apple gets foldable, self-healing screen patent

iPhone lovers should begin looking forward to a foldable iPhone after news emerged that Apple has acquired a patent for a foldable and self-healing display.

The news was leaked by Patently Apple, and it claims that the patent includes a display fitted with self-healing layers. Likely, the self-healing layers are elastomer materials which don’t break when folded.

There is still very little by way of details on the issue but the info we are getting is that the patent could be used to make an Apple device soon.

To explain the self-healing patent workings, Patently Apple claims that healing can self-initiate without a user manually prompting it. However, it says it is not sure of how the process would be initiated with guesses ranging from applied heat, light, electric current, or other type of external stimulus.

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It also quotes Apple as saying that it could have a device in the future that comes with a hinge to allow it bend around an axis. The design is still not yet public knowledge and there are several ways that Apple can go about it.

2 self healing foldable iPhone display - apple patent - patently apple report sept 2022
Apple patent 2 self healing foldable display. Image Source: Patently Apple.

Also, while we are all guessing that its first application of this tech would be a foldable iPhone, the patent design could also work for an iPad or MacBook.

For now, Android phone maker Samsung owns the biggest share of the foldable smartphone market. Others like Oppo are looking for ways to compete with a first-time entry late in 2021.

No doubt, when Apple finally enters the fray, it would have replied the latest Samsung taunt, which asked iPhone users to let it know when their device folds.

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