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Fleets: Twitter Slows Down On New Feature Due To Performance And Stability Issues

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Fleets, Twitter’s new inclusion that is a huge adaptation from Snapchat Stories will not be available for some users for a few more days. The social media company has revealed that it is slowing down the rollout of Fleets to handle a number of technical issues.


In a tweet, Twitter disclosed that it’s fixing some performance and stability problems with the new feature. For the people who are yet to receive the new feature, this means they will have to wait a few more days; before they can become a part of those sharing ephemeral content using the new format.


Shortly after the release of Fleets, Twitter confirmed to that it was experiencing a problem for many users. Some have complained that it was lagging; and often times too causing the Twitter app to crash.

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Fleets was rolled out live for everyone on November 17, finally joining a popular content sharing format that enables users to post content that vanishes after 24 hours. Twitter began testing Fleets eight months ago in Brazil.


The ephemeral post appears at the top of the timeline on Twitter’s iOS and Android apps. To be able to view Fleets, you’ll need to tap on the users’ avatars. In addition, you can’t retweet, like, or publicly reply to Fleets; unlike regular tweets. To respond posts of Fleets, you need to react with an emoji or via DMs.


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