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Five Yam Recipes You Have To Try

Yams are one of the staple Nigerian foods. But unfortunately, few people cook it in any way other than boiling and frying. In reality, yams are highly versatile and can be prepared in so many delicious and innovative ways. Here are five creative yam recipes you have to try.


1. Yam fritters (yam balls)

yam recipes fritters


Yam fritters, or yam balls as some call it, are what you get when you grind your yam into a thick paste, roll it in balls, and fry them to perfection. This golden-brown delight can be spiced and garnished however you want. It also makes a great party snack. Get the recipe here.


2. Yam gizdodo

yam recipe gizdodo


Yam gizdodo is just a little twist on the popular Nigerian delicacy, gizdodo. Adding yam to the equation upgrades gizdodo from a side dish to a whole meal. The complex sugars in a yam tuber make it all the more filling. Get the recipe here.


3. Yam frittatas (yam pancakes)

yam frittata


Another yam recipe you ought to try is yam frittatas, or you can call it yam pancakes. It sounds super fancy but it is just ground yam seasoned, garnished, and fried flat like a pancake. This dish is perfect for breakfast and you can make it in several different ways. Get the recipe here.


4. Yam pottage


Yam pottage is a pretty popular dish in Nigeria. But imagine it with a twist. What if it was coconut or shrimp-flavoured? What if it was sweeter or had a wider range of flavours? Go crazy with it. Check out this alternative recipe!


5. Yamarita


Yamarita is what you get when you coat yam slices in an egg mixture and fry it together. The result is a protein-rich compact dish. You can eat it at any time of the day with any garnish or sauce you like. Get the recipe here.


We hope you have enjoyed this list. Tell us which ones you’re going to try out in the comment section below.


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