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Five Ways You Use Satellites Unknowingly

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the United States has a robust Earth Sciences Division. It uses the vantage point of space to improve the understanding of the planet. But they are not the only ones that use satellites as a part of their daily lives.


Every day we use satellites without being aware. It has its good and its bad. It does not just monitor us or send our information to outer space. These are some other ways you unknowingly use satellite.


1. GPS systems

GPS location satellite tracking

We use Global Positioning Systems every day in our daily activities. A GPS system is inbuilt in most modern smartphones and cars. GPS is a three-part system that has satellites, ground stations and receivers. They help determine locations. A receiver like a smartphone is constantly listening for signals from satellites to help with navigation.


2. Radio and television

Radios and televisions use satellites

If you have a TV or radio in your house, then you are definitely rolling with the satellites. The signals transmitting your favourite TV shows on your TV screens are far out in space: 22,000 miles away from Earth. This is probably not news to most. The transmission of radio and TV waves are connected to huge satellites in the geostationary orbit.


3. Weather forecast

Satellites help with weather forecast

Satellites help us daily with weather forecast and analysis. Geosynchronous satellites are responsible for weather information. They keep watch over storm systems, hurricanes, jet streams patterns, volcanic ash plumes and wildfires. Polar-orbiting satellites, on the other hand, provide detailed information on temperature, humidity and other weather information.


4. ATM Withdrawals

ATMs and POS machines use satellites

The GPS system helps with Automated Teller Machine withdrawals. They are a very precise clock system. It is responsible for all the ATM transactions and every other Point-Of-Sale (POS) transaction conducted in the world. Every cell phone communication check transaction and credit authorization is credited to satellites.


5. In-flight entertainment

satellites in flights

The fact that you can watch movies or use the internet on a plane is because of satellites. Aviation communications for take-off, landing and flights actions also rely heavily on satellite transmissions.


The advent of 5G technology is going to foster more communication using satellites.

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