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Five Ways To Protect Your Device From Malware And Viruses

The most disastrous thing that can happen to your PC is it being under attack from malware or viruses. You can lose important files and even the system altogether. The worst part is its spread. Malware can spread far and wide to other systems. Dangerous ones have been known to collapse a network of countries and big corporations. A malware once affected the entire network of the health system in parts of Europe.


This shows that it is important to keep your computer safe. Here are five ways to keep your system secure.


1. Firewall


Firewalls might not be the best protection against internet worms, but they are great for fighting off infection form a network. They provide better control over the moves of the computer, in and out. The firewall isolates the computer from the internet using a barrier of codes that inspect individual data as they appear on either side. It is a viable tool that can be used to enhance the security of computers connected to a network.


2. AVG Internet Security


AVG offers great protection for business and home use. It involves the assistance of expert internet security professionals. It is an antivirus that has constant updates and advances features. AVG fights spyware, Trojans and viruses. It also protects against web exploits and Instant Messenger users within a Local Area Network.


3. Panda Active Scan


Panda Active Scan is an antivirus that provides fast resource light scanning effect. It has proactive internet security against malware and viruses. It also has the ability to inform the user about what files are infected. This is so that they are able to quickly apply solutions before they corrupt their files.


4. Microsoft Security Essentials


Microsoft Security Essential is a free reliable antivirus software from Microsoft. It provides protection against malware and spyware. It also has a basic virus scanner and live system security. MSE is downloadable in different formats and compatible with older Windows 7 and Windows XP. The best part is that it comes in 20 different languages that make it easy to read the instructions.


5. Cloud-based Anti-Virus Software


Immunet Protect is a cloud-based anti-virus software. It comes highly recommended because it can work with other anti-malware software. Immunet Protect uses other anti-virus protection software to provide collective immunity and cloud-based protection. It is also quick and easy to install.

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