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Five Ways to Conserve Your Phone Battery

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The battery life of your phone is one of the most important things that will affect the proper functioning of your phone.

It can be embarrassing when you must charge your phone every few hours. It can also affect your social and work life.

The company that wanted to hire you could not reach you because your battery goes flat without warning. You most likely need a phone that can hold power for a good number of hours.

Here are five ways to conserve battery power on your mobile phone:

1. Close running or unused apps

This is easy enough. If an app is no longer in use, close it.  It will avoid your phone working on multiple apps at the same time. It means sparing your phone the trouble of multi-tasking to save it from slowing down, thereby exhausting the battery. If you are having a night out with friends and might need your phone to call your ride back home, it’s best to leave your phone be and avoid plugging music in while using Twitter. This will make the battery run out faster.

2. Activate Airplane mode

Putting your phone on airplane mode is one of the best ways to save battery life. Having your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Mobile data on burns up the battery while searching for connections. Turn one on at a time to avoid multiple searches. If you need to quickly charge your phone, putting it on airplane mode will help it charge faster.

3. Turn down your phone screen brightness

Turning the brightness on your phone down will save your battery. If you constantly need to have it at its brightest to see, you might want to visit the eye doctor. It is highly recommended to use the Auto-Brightness feature. This is usually found in the Settings menu.

4. Turn on power saving mode

You only need to swipe down or swipe up to find the power saving mode on most devices. This mode will probably automatically slow your phone down and dim the light, but your battery will be better for it. Notifications will also not pop up until you open the app.

5. Take Your Phone Off Vibration Mode

Putting your phone on vibration or ring is also not a helpful way to save battery if your phone is running out of juice. Keep it on silent until you get a full charge.

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