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Five Types Of Single People You Will Find In Lagos

A single person is one who is supposedly not in a relationship. However, in a big city like Lagos, there are different categories of single people. You will be shocked that your so-called single friend isn’t very single like he or she has told you. Surprised right? take a close look at the different categories of singles in Lagos below.

1. Very single and waiting

Five Types Of Single People You Will Find In Lagos

This category of people may have just came out of a relationship after a messy breakup and have decided to stay alone while they wait for someone who has the criteria to become their Mr or Mrs Right.

2. Dating but complicated

Five Types Of Single People You Will Find In Lagos

In this category, the single person is confused in their relationship. It is possible that their partner is not acting right or they are on the verge of officially breaking up with them. They will always tell any prospective admirer that they are not in a relationship, this is because they know theirs is not going anywhere. So trust the persons in this category to go on dates because they want a backup boyfriend or girlfriend when the present relationship crashes.

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3. Dating but available

Five Types Of Single People You Will Find In Lagos

Well, this category of persons are actively dating and may even have more than one partner. They always claim to be single when there is a new catch. Don’t expect anything serious to come out from such relationships, because what they want is a fling. They have a budget for date nights at the end of the month. They are afraid of the commitment that comes with a proper relationship so they would rather sit on the fence.

4. Single and not searching

These types of persons are not in the mood to date anybody. They do not go on dates, and would not spend their time replying to chats or calls from prospective lovers. They just want to be alone.

5. Single and ready to mingle

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Trust this set of singles to turn up and accept any relationship proposal. However, if you misbehave, they are moving on to the next person. They will not put their life on hold because they had a messy breakup. They’re always poised to jump from one relationship to another; they don’t have time to waste.


The city of Lagos is for the brave and even the dating game is on a different level. So while you are in the talking stage with that cute girl or guy, ensure you are asking questions to know if they are really single. We hope this helps!


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