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Five Types Of Female Friends

Have you ever noticed the relationship dynamic in your friend group? Do you ever think about how different you and your girlfriends are from each other? In every group of friends, each person takes on a different role and exhibits various characteristics. Of course, a person can take on different roles because human beings are very versatile. But we have narrowed these roles down to five types of female friends. Check it out.


Five Types Of Female Friends

1. The Caretaker or ‘Mum’

The caretaker or ‘mum’ of the group is the one you call in an emergency. She looks out for you and your other friends. Whether you’re hungry or looking for good advice, she will be there to take care of you and make sure you’re okay. The mum friend is sensitive and comforting to be around.


types female friends

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2. The Fun friend

This is the girl you call when you’re looking to have a good time. When you’re with her, you know you’re in for an adventure. She is your plug for the latest TV shows or tickets to a concert. The fun friend is feisty so she tends to also be defensive of you. You know she has your back whether you’re throwing back shots of tequila or trying to pepper your ex. She’s also your professional hype-man.


3. The Put-together friend

This girl has her finances, her career and her social life together, and still looks amazing while doing it. She is the one that inspires you to do better and be better. The put-together friend is an achiever and is also your driving force for achieving your goals. You can call her up when you need career advice or that motivational boost.


types female friends

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4. The one-on-one friend

This girl doesn’t really stand out in the group but is great for one-on-one time. You can talk alone for hours and share intimate things and your deepest secrets, knowing they will be safe with her. She always leaves you feeling more connected and understood.

5. The Toxic friend

Do you know that one friend that only calls you when she needs something? Do you have that friend that always makes you feel bad or less than yourself every time you hang out? That is a toxic friend and they are more common than you think. But these friends are necessary because they teach you to set boundaries and know what to avoid.

Usually, no person is just one thing. People are sometimes a mixture of two or three of these types of friends. Sometimes, you could even be a toxic friend to someone else.

What type of friend are you? Comment below.

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