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Five TV Series To Anticipate In June 2019

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Game of Thrones is over and a lot of people are having withdrawal symptoms. It is now time to get over it and move on to some other great TV series that are out there.


Looking for new shows to catch up on in the month of June? These ones are some of the most anticipated TV series.


Five TV series to anticipate in June 2019

1. “Euphoria”

Release date: June 16


A group of high school students find friendship and love amidst a world of s*x, social media, drugs and trauma. The series features Zendaya as a lead act. It also features other stars like Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, Algee Smith and Jacob Elordi.


2. Too Old to Die Young

Release date: June 14


A tragic night tears Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Martin Jones’s life apart. He was forced into a deadly underground of Yakuza assassins, Cartel soldiers and mysterious vigilantes. He later found himself lost in a circle of mystery, murder and vengeance as his past starts to catch up with him.


3. Grand Hotel

Release date: June 17

The story is based on a picture-perfect family who owns a hotel in Miami Beach. However, there are a lot of hidden secrets and scandals beneath all the sweet exterior.


4. “NOS4A2”

Release date: June 2


NOS4A2 is based on a Joe Hill novel with the same name. It is about the life of a gifted young woman, Vic McQueen. She found out that she had supernatural abilities to find lost things. This super ability puts her on “collision course with the evil and immortal Charlie Manx.”


5. “City on a Hill”

Release date: June 16


This show was set in the early 1990s. The city of Boston was filled with violent criminals. The criminals had the backing of local law enforcement agents. Also, corruption and racism was the norm. However, all of it changed with the ‘Boston Miracle.’ An assistant district attorney Decoy Ward from Brooklyn, New York formed an alliance with a corrupt but respected FBI veteran, Jackie Rohr. They came together to tackle crime and restore the criminal justice system in Boston.


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