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Five Tips To Speeding Up Beard Growth

So your friends have joined the beard gang and you haven’t; Well, it’s not the end of the world but it’s a bummer especially if you consider the beards a determinant of how macho you are. There are other prerequisites–like actually acting like a man–to be considered macho. Still, some people consider the beards a great determinant for machoness. So, if your beard is not like the picture perfect type then you might not have the right beard gang card.


The beard gang associate (not an actual thing) includes those who have the perfect full beards. They strut about flaunting the healthy-looking hair on their chin. Some, you may say, even carry a comb about to groom them on the go.

For younger men, it may take longer to grow beards. However, once you hit puberty, you begin the beard growth. Despite this, some men grow theirs faster than others. Some people find growing their beards quite easy. One could say they could donate theirs at the rate in which it grows fast. Whereas there are those whose beard growth is likened to watching grass grow. It could take forever for it to show a hint of bushiness.

Five Tips to Joining the Beard Gang


There’s a lot that comes to play in the delay of proper fully grown beards. Despite hitting puberty, many men even over 25 years still do not grow a chin-full of hair. Genetics, ethnicity, and hormones could determine how fast and full your beards grow.

Besides this, your lifestyle and health are qualifying factors. Also, having low testosterone can negatively affect beard growth. It can cause scanty beards. To curb this, you can take supplements to increase your testosterone level. However, if your testosterone level is normal and you still don’t have beards, then taking supplements may be futile.

If you want a normal beard highlight, then it’s okay as a few sprigs of chin hair may suffice. However, if a full-length beard is your preference, then here are tips on how to get one.

Beard growth supplements

Fortunately, there are many products that have been made to aid in boosting beards. This helps control the stunted growth of beards in men. By using supplements, it can give you the nutrients your body needs to aid beard growth. Although, it may not override hereditary or genetics, to an extent it aids the growth.

Sleeping properly

There are certain ways and adequate hours of sleep you need. This is great for your overall health and can be beneficial for beard growth. When you lack sleep, you lose the opportunity for your body to release testosterone. When you sleep, your testosterone levels peak and remain at that level until you wake up. This is one reason some men have to shake every morning at the spurt of new morning beards grown overnight.


The key is to boost your testosterone level and we can achieve this through exercise. What this does is that it helps improve your blood flow which helps stimulate hair follicle growth. The major exercises to target are testosterone boosting exercises like weightlifting and strength exercises. For the best time to work out, you can engage in your routine in the morning hours.


When you are overweight or obese, your testosterone naturally reduces. Ironically, another way to spike them up is to eat. In eating, aim for a healthy balanced diet. When planning your meal, include nutrients such as zinc, protein, iron, wholegrain, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables or healthy carbohydrates. Although eating healthy may not override genetics, it can aid in boosting the growth of beards.

Improved hygiene

What point is there to longer and fuller beards when you don’t care for them. You should groom your beards by adding a washing and moisturising routine to it. Keep it clean always. This can be done by washing and applying a leave-in conditioner to get rid of dead skin cells. Then you should also moisturise to keep it soft and encourage growth. Doing this helps your beards appear thicker. For better moisturising, you can use avocado and olive oil on your beards.

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