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Five Things You Do That Will Destroy Your Relationship In No Time

Five Things You Do That Will Destroy Your Relationship Quickly

Are you having relationship problems? Are the fights increasing with every passing day? Wondering how to fix your relationship? Well, this is a phase everyone goes through.  A small fight can accelerate into a full-blown argument and have a negative effect on your relationship.


There are a number of things you or your partner may be doing on a daily basis that has contributed to your constant fights. Below are a few of these things and how to fix them before it destroys your relationship.

1. You forget how you both started

A strong relationship is one that has a strong foundation. Going back to the beginning will make you remember all the great times you had together, and what drew you towards each other in the first place.

You will remember what qualities of your partner attracted you towards them. Recalling all these past memories will make you fall in love all over again. Never forget how you started, so you don’t lose direction.

2. Forgetting to live for the moment

Putting too much pressure on your relationship to see it work will most often destroy than sustain it. Be happy and enjoy every day as they come. Know when to apologize for your mistakes and also grant forgiveness. Rehashing past mistakes will only draw you further apart.

Learn from your past mistakes, and leave them in the past.  Just think about how you can make today beautiful.

3. Lack of communication

Five Things You Do That Will Destroy Your Relationship In No Time

Communication is the key to growing a relationship. There might be things that one of you misinterpreted, which may be the root of the problem. If you don’t communicate, that root will soon turn into a huge tree, which will be harder to conquer. Open communication is the most important thing for a healthy relationship.
By communication, we don’t mean shouting matches. Talk about your problems like adults, and calmly discuss them.

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4. You no longer indulge in activities to spice up your relationshipFive Things You Do That Will Destroy Your Relationship In No Time

How long has it been since you went out on a date, just the two of you?. When was the last time you cooked together or saw a movie?. Happy memories are a huge factor that makes a relationship blossom. Why not go on a trip together. Forget your jobs and responsibilities for the weekend and just have some quality time together. Sometimes all you need to fix a relationship is some alone time together, away from your everyday life.

5.  Giving room to negative external influence

Five Things You Do That Will Destroy Your Relationship In No Time

The first thing that causes problems in your relationship is all the negative external influence.

You should never share your problems with anyone, not even your best friend because their opinion is usually biased and comes from an emotional point of view. Sure, it can sometimes be helpful. But other times, it could be the final brick that breaks your relationship. Talk to your partner about your issues and if possible, see a relationship counsellor.



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