You are currently viewing Five Things We Love About Netflix’s “Shanty Town”

Five Things We Love About Netflix’s “Shanty Town”

Nollywood film “Shanty Town” dropped on Netflix on Friday 20th January and has got everyone talking from the picture quality to the cast. If you haven’t checked out this movie on Netflix, take a look at five things we enjoyed in the film

1. Nollywood sweetheart Chidi Mokeme blew our minds playing the role of scar. It was nice to see him switch from Pidgin to Yoruba and then Igbo in the process of interpreting his role. His facial expressions and combat skills showed us that he was prepared for the role.

Five Things We Love About Netflix's "Shanty Town"
Chidi Mokeme in Netflix’s “Shanty Town”

2. Ini Edi and Nse Ikpe-Etim were the Efik princesses in the movie. They were the queens of Shanty Town, standing up to face scar and reclaim their freedom.

Five Things We Love About Netflix's "Shanty Town"
Ini Edo and Nse Etim-Ikpe
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3. It was good to see Reality TV star Mercy Eke show us that she is ready for Nollywood as she debuts in this film, playing the role of Jackie. Welldone Mercy, we see you.

Five Things We Love About Netflix's "Shanty Town"
Mercy Eke

4. This film came with a rich story line and unlike some Nollywood stories it came with a twist. Who would have thought that Inimesit isn’t the Shanty Queen but the twin sister we saw died in the slums years ago.

5. Finally, “Shanty Town” is proof that Nollywood movies are gradually moving from the love stories we know to action thrillers that we can be proud of.

Check out five things we love about “Shanty Town” below


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