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hate your job

Five Things To Do When You Hate Your Job But Can’t Quit

You’re in a fix; you hate your job, you’d rather not get up to do it every day. However for some reasons — mostly financial — you can’t. It’s even more frustrating if your job is a huge part of your life, if it eats your time and you can barely catch a breather.

Hate Your Job

If you’ve shared how you feel with others, there’s a good chance that the most you’ve heard is ” Just quit”.


That however is not an option so what do you do?


We’ve five tips listed that can help.

Know that you’re not alone

Does anyone like their job?

Employees who hate their job

How can I stop hating job?

These are some of the most popular queries that hit search engines every year. Thousands if not millions of people hate their jobs as well so you’re not alone. Take consolation from this knowing that more people feel this way and are navigating similar situations every day.

Find out why you hate your job

Sometimes, we get so caught up with hating the job, we ignore or forget to trace the reason why this is. Ask yourself, some critical questions like;

“Do i hate this job because of my employer or my role? Is it my colleagues or the company’s culture?”

“Is it the pay or the working conditions”?

Finding out the exact reason (s) why your hate your job will help in figuring out your next line of action.

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Map out your next line of action

At this point, you’re strategising on your next line of action. If it involves quitting, then you must position yourself in the best financial possible. This means you must amp up your savings and make a budget. You’d want to cancel unused subscriptions, cut down on data consumption, take out food and other small expenditures that round up into significant amounts when you put them into consideration.

Start your job search

You’ve already identified you hate your job so now the earnest search begins. Update your resume with the new skills you’ve learned in this role and start applying. One huge platform that would aid your search is Linkedin. Research over the years has shown that 80% of employers utilise online platforms to hire new staff. Update your profile on Linkedin and expand your network by adding new connections as you apply.


You can also spread the word out to friends and families ( not colleagues ) that you’re seeking new opportunities as personal recommendations have been known to be very crucial to getting jobs. While at it, you may want to clean up your social media pages or better still, keep them in private.

Watch your words at work

When you hate your job, it’s easy to fall into office politicking and gossip. It’s also not a smart thing to tell everyone who cares to hear that you’re looking for something new as this may cause major problems for you at your current workplace. Also, you’d probably need a reference from your office when you leave so be careful not to burn bridges.

Learn what you can

Regardless of how terrible your job is, you’d agree it had some knowledge, experience, and skillset. In what was ways did the role improve you? Weigh in on those and ensure to maximise so you can bring your best to the new role you’d be going to.



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