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Five Things To Do During Your Commute

If you’re going to be at one spot for hours, whether you are stuck in Lagos traffic, on your way to work or on a road trip, you might as well make the best out of it. Time flies when you’re having fun. Make your journey to and from work a little brighter with our list of five things to do during your commute.


1. Read
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Whether you’re catching up on the news or soaking up a steamy romance novel, reading is a great way to pass the time. You can save yourself the eye strain by using a reader app on your phone when it gets dark.


2. Learn another language
learn language commute
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You could improve yourself during your commute by taking language lessons on your phone. Download a good language app with multiple language options and an interface that is easy to understand.


3. Watch films and TV shows
tv series during commute
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You can catch up on your favourite TV series while you’re stuck in traffic. Download them on your phone using torrents or watch with DSTV Go. You can even indulge yourself with educational videos on YouTube.

4. Meditate
meditate during commute
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In the midst of the rowdy traffic, you can keep calm in the eye of the storm by doing some meditation. Take some time to think about how the day went and how you felt about it. Introspection and mindfulness help you deal with uncomfortable situations.

5. Play educational games
games commute
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You can also find fun ways to educate yourself on grammar, math and spatial skills with educational game apps or online games. You can turn your commute into time well spent improving yourself while having a bit of fun at the same time.

Make the wait worth your while and your commute just might end up being something you look forward too rather than dread. Have a lovely commute and a safe trip back home.

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