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Five Tech Compatibility Questions Couples Need To Ask

The issue of compatibility is one that couples should never take lightly. Relationships, especially marriages, should be lifelong and stand all the tests of time. When people meet with the intentions of starting a family or just being together for a long time, they want to know how compatible they are.


This is why there are lots of compatibility tests online. Young couples especially check if their zodiac signs are compatible. They try to find out how long the relationship will last, how far the love will go and how deep will the love blossom, among other things. It is such a beautiful feeling to know for a fact that you and your spouse are perfect for each other.


Some things can make or mar a relationship, and being technologically compatible is one of those things. It should not be overlooked. These five topics will help ensure that you and your partner are technologically compatible.


1. Online flirting

Online Flirting


Learn to draw the line between what should count as cheating online. Ask and answer the questions about what kind of flirting to allow or not allow in the relationship. Discover if you both don’t mind each other liking or posting “thirst traps” on social media if you care if your partner likes or follows accounts that are rated 18. These are some of the things that couples need to agree on.


2. Device-free zone

Device free zone


Ask the question of when and where you can use your devices. You should ask yourselves if you want to have phone-free dates or keep phones away at bedtime to foster better communication between you two. One or both partners constantly being on their phones can put a strain on the quality time spent together. Technology has its advantages and helps to keep communication intact while you are apart. However, it can also make things pretty awkward when you are together. Even if it is for the best reasons, your significant other can feel shut out.


3. Dating apps

Dating Applications in tech relationships


Dating apps are a great place to find love, but after you have found love, what next? Do you delete your account? When should you do this? A poll made on Instagram had some people see nothing wrong with keeping your dating app account after starting a relationship. This means that it is a valid fear and an important conversation to have if you don’t want your significant other keeping their dating profile.


4. Phone habits

Gadget habits in tech relationships


Communication is what drives a relationship, and technology is a major way to drive it. If you are in a relationship, chances are that you will spend a lot of time using your phones to communicate. Some people find it more effective to talk over the phone while others prefer to use instant messaging apps to send memes and emojis. Lovers need to know what works best for them and the tool that they find most adequate. If you are in a relationship with someone, it’s important to be mindful of what mode of communication works best for them.


5. Video games

Video games affect love in tech relationships


There are statistics that suggest that video games are a reason some relationships do not work. Addiction to video games can be a real issue, and it is good to know how much of a gamer the one you want to plan a future with is. The impact of video games is so huge, and some researchers have even argued that it has negative effects on interpersonal relationships of all kinds. Gamers seem to get lost in the world of gaming and just shut out their families and loved ones, especially at difficult times. It is a means of escape that can ruin communication and relationships.

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