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Five Steps To Making The Best First Impression

People make first impressions within the space of 5-7 seconds. In this short time, you are judged by your appearance, body language, demeanour, mannerism and dressing. Therefore, you need to make it worthwhile to be remembered positively. This may have a long-lasting effect on your future relationship.


When you meet someone for the first time, they want to know if they can trust you. Whether it’s at a meeting, an event or just a casual date, this remains true. That’s the unsaid question that everyone, even those who don’t admit it, asks. While some people find it easier to win hearts without even saying a word, others need to learn the secret to making the best first impression.



Guide to making the best first impression

1. Dress for success

What better way to be prepared than to dress for the occasion? You can either dress to stand out or to blend in. Either way, dress the way you want people to address you. Choose your outfit based on the context of the meeting and your comfort level. Your outfit choice can go a long way in boosting your confidence.


2. Arrive on time

Being early is the right etiquette and will be well appreciated. It is also a good way for you to get comfortable at the event before everyone else arrives. Planning to arrive early would prepare you for the flexibility for possible delays. This is a good way to make a great first impression.


3. Smile

Without saying a word, your smile says a lot. It says you’re welcoming and can be approached easily. It also says you’re willing to talk or just welcome the company. People get more comfortable around you when you smile. Smiling also has the effect of decreasing your stress hormones. However, don’t make the mistake of smiling too much as this reveals how nervous you are. Also, ensure your teeth aren’t covered with any food particles from a meal. A quick glance at a mirror would confirm this, and then you can stick to a simple and small smile.

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4. Watch your body language

Body language is very infectious. Test this theory by yawning or smiling in a crowd; chances are that someone else would do the same. This proves how someone sees you even when you think no one is. Therefore, you need to be conscious of your body language when trying to make a good first impression. It is important to be cognisant of how your body reacts in different situations. This is because your body gives away how you feel and what you really think. Mirroring body language is a non-verbal way of saying, “We have something in common.” Therefore, try to avoid fidgeting or other signs of nervousness. Show self-confidence by maintaining eye contact, among other positive body language tips.


5. Be yourself

The best way to ease yourself of all the tension is to actually be yourself. People are most comfortable in their own skin and this is the best route to take when in doubt. While trying to fit in, don’t lose yourself either. Be authentic, be genuine and true to yourself. This would help you build trust and respect in others.


Remember the old cliche, ‘you’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression’? It’s true, but don’t worry. Making a good first impression is easy and, if you follow the steps above, you’d realise how true it is.

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