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Five Sleek Ways To Slay In A Kimono This December

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The classic kimono jacket is a traditional Japanese garment. When translated, the word kimono means, “something to wear.” These full-length robes are instantly recognisable, thanks to their unique cut, beautiful designs and captivating colours. Up until the mid 19th century, the kimono was worn by everyone in Japan.


This began to change as suits, dresses, and other common Western styles made their way into the country. If you are going on a date after work, and you want to change from that corporate chic to a casual look, then a Kimono is a must-have.


Call it a more casual form of a blazer, a Kimono jacket gives that chic effect a lady needs. Take a look at five sleek ways to rock your Kimono.


1. Rock your Ankara as a Kimono

Five Sleek Ways To Slay In A Kimono This December


This is one beautiful outfit to turn your Ankara fabric into. Going on a date and you have plans to wear a dress, why not show up in a Kimono instead? I bet your date will be fascinated by it.


2. Pair it with shorts

Five Sleek Ways To Slay In A Kimono This December


Keep the rest of your look super simple, and let your kimono do all of the talking. Rock it with a pair of cute shorts and a simple t-shirt when the weather is warm enough, or boyfriend-style jeans when you want to cover up a bit more. A pair of flat sneakers or heels will finish the look off to perfection.


3. Pair with a bodycon dress

Five Sleek Ways To Slay In A Kimono This December


If you are headed to a special night out, be it dinner, a wedding, or a glam party, then a customised kimono is the perfect outfit. Underneath it, slip-on a bodycon, or slightly fitted dress. Also, keep it untied to emphasise the beautiful drape of the robe. Keep the rest of the look subtle; some gorgeous heels, a simple clutch bag and a statement necklace are all that is needed to make this look work.


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4. Rock it with skinny jeans


Some kimonos can look super feminine, but a way to edge them out a bit is to create a rock chick-inspired outfit. This look is great if you are headed out to a concert, a bar, or pretty much anywhere really! Wear skinny black jeans and a plain black t-shirt, tucked in. Slip-on a pair of killer heels, and statement accessories, such as a printed clutch and a chic necklace. Bold lips complete the look, as well as a diva’s attitude.


5. Rock it with your swimsuit

Kimonos really are versatile, as they work brilliantly as a swimsuit cover-up. If you want to add some cover by the pool or beach, then try layering a lightweight kimono over the top. More contemporary than a sarong, and more stylish than a kaftan, a kimono will give your swimsuit extra fashion credibility. For accessories, think oversized straw hat, a pair of open-toe sandals, and some glamorous shades.


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