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Five Lifestyle Hacks To Will Protect Your Skin From Pollution

Five Skincare Routines That Will Protect Your Skin From Pollution

Pollution is unavoidable when you go about your regular daily activities, and the first thing that gets affected is your skin. Dullness, dryness and dark spots are just some of the effects pollution will have on your skin. While you can never really avoid the harmful effects of pollution, there is an entire skincare routine that you can follow to protect and reduce its impact on your skin.

1. Drink more water

Five Lifestyle Hacks To Will Protect Your Skin From Pollution
Water keeps your body hydrated and your body systems fuelled. Drink at least 3 litres of water daily for your skin to glow. It helps detox your body and regulates the production of sebum, which acts as a natural shield for your skin from pollution.

2. Use sunscreen

Five Lifestyle Hacks To Will Protect Your Skin From Pollution
One major misconception about sunscreens is that they are meant to protect your skin only from the UV rays. In reality, not only do they protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays but also from any potential environmental damage. So make sure you use one each time you step out.

3. Cover up

Five Lifestyle Hacks To Will Protect Your Skin From Pollution
With an extra layer, you can avoid pollutants from settling on your skin to some extent. Always carry a scarf to wrap around your neck as the persistent settling of pollutants on your neck region can cause skin darkening. Your neck skin is the thinnest layer of your skin and external environmental factors easily affects it.


Also, carry a pair of sunglasses to get a bit shade from the blazing sun and as an extra cover for your eyes. Your eyes are one of the most delicate organs and can get irritated by chemicals or dust present in the air.

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4. Use detox masks

The most calming way to deal with pollution is by using detox masks. They help in the deep cleaning of your skin pores and nourishing your skin to the core. Detox masks fuel your facial tissues with essential antioxidants and vitamins that repair and replenish your skin. Not only do these masks improve your skin complexion and texture; they also reduce signs of ageing like fine lines, age spots and wrinkles.

5. Switch to a detox diet

Protecting yourself from inside is as important as protecting yourself from outside. Pollution equally impacts the internal workings of your body which in turn has an effect on your skin. Start with a detox diet. This will make your body resistant to pollution and help your organs to function at an optimum level. A detox diet directly affects your skin and makes it glow more.


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