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Five Security Tips You Should Know If You Stream Football Matches Live

With football leagues resuming across Europe and other parts of the world, there has been a surge in internet activities relating to football. One of the most popular ones are live streaming football matches, this is why these security tips are very important.


Live streams are popular because it allows you to watch matches from your comfort. Instead of relying on TV stations, you can watch matches directly from your smartphones. With the many advantages associated with live streaming football matches, there are some security issues that you should be aware of.


Below, we highlight some security issues associated with live streams and how you can overcome them.


— Your device could be hacked if you follow an untrustworthy link. Usually, hackers may camouflage a link as helpful when it is just to lead you to a false page. If you are not aware, you may fall prey and think the page is legit when it isn’t. Thus, if you are streaming from an untrustworthy page (which you should not do), you should use a VPN. Additionally, it is more advisable to use your smartphone to stream than your PC which usually has more lapses in security.

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— Don’t log in with your social media or any other online account on an unknown streaming page. This is because some of them may contain spyware that will steal your details and try to log into your account later.


— Never make payments on a streaming website that is unknown. If you don’t download an app from trusted sources like Play Store of Apple Store, entering payment details on it could be a recipe to get defrauded. The same thing applies to some of these football streaming websites. If it asks you to make a payment, quietly close the page and look for other sources here.


— Avoid making comments on publicly accessible online stream chat. This is dangerous because you have no way of verifying who is on the other end. Hackers can hit you up for a conversation easily via a Live stream chat and before you are aware, they have tangible information on you. They could start targeting you or your contracts with phishing emails.


— Be mindful of the kind of permissions you grant to a page when you want to stream Live on it. For example, deny access to your contact, messages, camera, microphone and location. These are just some of the basic smartphone features that a malicious link can exploit if given access.


You should be on constant alert. Scammers seem to be working overtime to undermine people’s security. Live streaming matches would be safer if you know these security tips.


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