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Five Reasons You Do Not Need a Foldable Phone

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This year, mobile phone giants shocked the world with a glimpse into the future with foldable phones.

Just before this year’s Mobile World Congress, Samsung unveiled its own Galaxy Fold. Huawei waited till the launch to announce its own very competitive foldable Mate X. There is also the Royole FlexPai with its intricate design which was released in October last year, making it the first foldable phone of the year.

Recently, the Xiaomi double fold mobile phone debuted and now Motorola just confirmed it has one coming soon too.

Seeing as everyone is looking forward to one from one of the biggest players in the markets  – Apple – you are perhaps wondering when and how soon you should get your hands on one of these sweet devices.

Well, we can tell you why you do not have to.

Reason 1:

They cost a fortune. The Samsung Galaxy Fold costs about $2,000, Huawei Mate X is going for $2,600 which means these phones will most likely hurt your bank account.

Imagine what you can do with 720,000 Naira. It will probably change the course of some people’s destinies if put to good use. You must be extremely wealthy to even consider spending such amount on a mobile device that can’t cure cancer or make you teleport in Lagos traffic.

Reason 2:

5G is useless in Nigeria right now. This is the technology that will drive all the latest phones set for release this year. If our network providers have not helped us optimize the existing 4G technology, what then shall we say of the coming 5G. If you cannot maximize the function of a phone that expensive, then why even bother?

Reason 3:

We need to be sure this technology is legit. These phones have not exactly been tested and trusted and they might have issues that are yet to be detected. You do not want to be the one to have a phone that is probably susceptible to blowing up in your pocket. There is also the probability of flex problems like we saw with flip phones and other flex phones before now. The chances of the phone hanging are also very high because of the changes in resolution likely to occur when you flex and unflex.

Reason 4:

Most of the phones seem very bulky. It will also most likely be heavy and does not seem like a phone you can have sitting pretty in your pocket. An ideal phone should be just that, a phone. If you must twist, turn and change resolutions every time you flex and unflex, it defeats the purpose of it being a mobile device. Maybe you are better off with just a regular phone.

Reason 5:

You just don’t need it. Simple! A wise person always asks why? If the only thing that makes it special is that it folds, then you can obviously live without it. The importance of something should mostly be to make your life easier. It doesn’t sound like this phone would do anything more spectacular than the smartphone you already own. If it ain’t broke, why fix it. Right?

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