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Five Reasons Why A Live-in Relationship Is Not A Bad Idea

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Every relationship comes with its ups and downs and with the high rate of divorce in the world today, a lot of people are considering being live-in relationships before walking down the aisle.


A live-in relationship is when both lovers live under the same room while they figure their relationship out. Couples now want to test their relationship and compatibility before tying the knot. While in some cases the financial burden of marriage is too heavy to bear.


This piece will highlight some of the advantages of a live-in relationship.

1. Lesser responsibilities

Five Reasons A Live-In Relationship Is Not A Bad Idea
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Married couples share the responsibilities of their families, finances, and societal duties. They are always striving to maintain a satisfactory balance in society. However, not being in a legal or social bond has its advantages.


Being in a live-in relationship you don’t need to make those necessary compromises, which are often important in a marriage. You can share and divide your expenses, there lies no pressure of pleasing relatives and parents, and both lovers can enjoy your personal space.

2. Low legal hassles

Five Reasons A Live-In Relationship Is Not A Bad Idea
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Not being a legally married couple automatically implies a relationship free from legal obligations. Divorce is an ugly possibility and can be a bitter and traumatic end to a relationship.


A live-in relationship eliminates the legal hassles related to a divorce. Handling a breakup is easier than going through the trauma of a messy divorce.

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3. Financial freedom

Five Reasons A Live-In Relationship Is Not A Bad Idea
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One of the biggest advantages of live-in lover is a division of expenses where each individual is responsible for his or her self.


Marriage brings in the added responsibility of maintaining joint financial ventures and dual banking operations, where the couples always stay alert of their income and spending.


In a live-in relationship, both couples are comfortable in dividing the bills and enjoy their respective financial freedom.

4. Test for marriage

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In today’s world where divorce lawyers are growing wealthy due to abundance of cases, it might not be a bad idea to test-run a relationship to see if it would work out or not.


A live-in relationship helps you to assess your partner more accurately and honestly. A person can pretend to be something that they are not when they meet you occasionally (during your courtship period), but no one can pretend or hide their true personality 24/7.

5. Mutual respect

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In a live-in relationship, both partners are truly equal, whether it is in their freedom or their insecurities. Both of them know that the door out is always open so they will always make extra efforts to make their partner feel secure in their love and relationship.


Since neither of the partners is dependant on each other financially, socially or legally they enjoy equal space and respect in their relationship. This would also tell you how loyal, compatible and trustworthy your partner is.


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