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Five Reasons To Consider Owning The New iPod Touch

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The iPod touch is the most affordable way to own a modern Apple device. It is also one of the cheapest touchscreen gadgets from high-end phone makers. It is easy to get carried away of course by all the incapability of the iPod touch. It is very easy to find reasons not to buy this device. But what if we can tell you why you should?


First, let’s take an honest peek at the things it cannot do. It does not have face ID or Touch ID, so you cannot unlock it with your face or touch. Also, it cannot connect to a network provider, so you cannot make network calls because it is obviously not a phone. Furthermore, it doesn’t take the best photos.


Maybe these are the reasons you should actually invest in this phone. You never know. Now let’s explore why this is a great device option for you.


Features of the new Apple iPod Touch

1. Great price

This is easily the cheapest touchscreen device that you can get from Apple. It has a starting price of less than $200. That is, approximately about ₦72,000. Now for that price, it has the same processor that currently powers the iPhone 7, that’s the A10 chip. Even though this is not the most current chip on Apple smartphones, it beats most Android phones. It is also cheaper than the entry-level iPad Mini.


2. Augmented reality


This new iPod touch supports Augmented Reality (AR). This means that it is very compatible with games and apps that let you place digital objects in the real world. If you haven’t tried out this technology and are curious as to how it works, this device is for you. Have you ever thought of the possibility of virtually placing a television you are about to buy in your living room just to see how it fits? Or just a better gaming experience with a faster new-gen chip.


3. An option for children


Maybe you don’t want your almost teenage child to own a smartphone yet, this is a great introduction into the world of personal smart gadgets for them. They can have access to Wi-Fi when they are at home and communicate with family members on FaceTime. They can also have pre-downloaded entertainment to enjoy when they are out of the reach of the home internet. It gives you better control of the content they are exposed to as they are only using the internet at home. No points for if they get their friend’s home password that is not restricted.


4. Party music

iPod touch  feature


This gadget will definitely come in handy for when there are parties and you need to be the DJ. Mini house parties, game nights and get-togethers don’t usually come with professional DJs. Often times, we plug our phones to the speakers and just have a good time. This device is made exactly for such a time because you don’t have to be without your phone for too long. You can just plug in the iPod to the speakers while still using your phone to make videos for the gram. It is a win-win.


5. Group FaceTime

Group Facetime  on iPod touch


One of the perks of having an Apple device is that you can do exclusive bougie Apple things like FaceTime your friends. Of course, you will need a Wi-Fi connection or just use your mobile phone as a hotspot. There is an oblong-shaped sensor near the camera and that’s where the Wi-Fi antenna is. It latches on to connectivity quickly. That way, you can send iMessages and FaceTime. The best part is that you can do group FaceTime on this device too so you are just as cool as everyone else.

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