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Five Rear Cameras?! Here Are Leaked Features Coming With Samsung Galaxy A72 In 2021

2020 saw innovative designs and features in the tech space; but Samsung is allegedly already designing a smartphone that will come with five rear cameras in 2021, here is what we know about the coming Galaxy A72.


We found the rumour on SamMobile, a tech blog that is dedicated to releasing the latest stories about Samsung. According to its report, Samsung Galaxy A72 will have a quintuple-camera setup on its back. It is surprising that the company is releasing flagship specs in a midrange device.


The cameras will still have a 64MP sensor as its main shooter. Also, as expected, a 12MP lens will serve as its ultrawide camera and its telephoto lens will have 8MP capabilities and 3x optical zoom. The macro lens will be a 5MP sensor and the fifth lens is a 5MP sensor “dedicated solely to elevating the smartphone’s bokeh game”.

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In photography, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in out-of-focus parts of an image. Thus, the fifth lens will provide better focus capabilities to the coming Samsung Galaxy A72.


We also found that the device will come with a storage combination of 8GB RAM and 128GB of space. Likely, it will run on one of Qualcomm Snapdragon’s midrange chipsets like the 7-series.


For now, these are the only leaked features we found online about the Samsung Galaxy A72 that is coming in 2021, yet, its five rear cameras will be intriguing to see.


Meanwhile, Samsung has not confirmed these features. SamMobile says that Samsung will release the Galaxy A72 in January 2021. But, the company may announce it later in 2020 ahead of the 2021 market release.


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