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Five Nigerian Artists We Will Love To Hear New Music From In 2020

From the top of your head, you can mention five Nigerian artists that you once loved and adored for their hits. Alas, they don’t make music anymore.


Music and stardom are dreams aspired to by many, but difficult to maintain when consistency is not involved. These Nigerian artists once showed promising lights but turned out to be one-hit wonders. Others toed the line for a while before dropping the Mic.


This piece will highlight some artists we believe still have an ever-ready fan base, waiting for some surprise new music.

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Naeto C

Some days back, music lovers were treated to a Hit Vs Hit Instagram live battle between the hip-hop rapper, Naeto C and MI Abaga. Such nostalgic hits from the artist made us wonder what might have been if he had stayed on with the new trends and wave currently in the music industry. Well, I guess, we will never know, as he is so engrossed with his private business.

Nigerian artists
Naeto C is one of the pioneers of Nigerian hip-hop


“Kontrol” in 2005 was the rave. Wale Adepoju popularly known as W4 or MrWonder, infused movement, sound, and dress style of legendary father of Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. The Fela inspired artist had us dancing to the ‘Kontrol’ banger and many wished and wanted more from his corner. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Many waited for another hit track but he turned out a one-hit-wonder.


“Lynxx Itunu” as we popularly heard on some of his hit tracks was a fine boy, “six-packs geng” rapper. He released his first album ‘This is Lynxx’ in 2010. He’s is popularly for his “Fine lady” banger with sweet and little Wizkid back then. His fame and fanbase earned him a Globacom Ambassadorial deal. A couple of years after, he hit is fans with news of being a born again Christian and made a complete exit from the music industry.

Nigerian artists
Lynxx had his song fine lady, played in many Nigerian weddings


She was thrown into the limelight in 2012, under a BankyW led records, EmpireMates Entertainment. In the company of the likes of Wizkid and Skales, Niyola was known for her hit track ‘Toh bad’ and it received massive recognition on the radios and street. Many thought she had come to give Tiwa a run for her fame. But hey, is 2020 and we are still hoping.

Nigerian artists
Niyola began her professional music career in 2005

I miss the ‘Yori yori’ masters. Our final artist, are the music duo, Bracket. With massive airplay of their songs, ‘Yori yori’ and ‘Ada Owerri’, these two boys from Enugu have us wondering what might have been if the remained in music. With beautiful collaborations with artists like Psquare, Wizkid, Timaya, and so on, we surely crave more from the fine Igbo boys.

Nigerian artists
“Yori Yori” by Bracket was a Nigerian anthem back in the day


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