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Five Makeup Trends That Won’t Make It To 2020

The makeup industry is one is full of amazing and creative trends. A lot of women form their looks based on these trends and spend an alarming amount to keep up with them.

But unfortunately, trends come and go. And as the year runs to a close, there are a bunch of makeup trends that won’t make it into the new year. Here are some trends that we’re ditching in 2020.

1. Prominent brows

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The death of prominent Instagram brows has been a long time coming. These days, makeup lovers tend to gravitate towards a less dominating and more natural brow look. The emphasis is now on natural fullness, rather than darkness. Now, a brushed-up, well-groomed, full brow is the goal.


2. Matte foundation

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The matte finish look has held up for the longest. But it has slowly begun to lose popularity in favour of a lighter, more hydrated look. Full coverage heavy makeup is fading away as women are beginning to hate stress more and embrace more natural glowy looks. Clear skin is more of a priority now.


3. Matte lipstick

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For most of the 2010s, you could not look through the makeup bag of a slay queen without finding multiple tubes of matte lip stains. But like with skincare and foundations, makeup lovers are embracing more glossy lips like in the 90s and early 2000s. Maybe the rise of Yung Nollywood is to blame for this one.


4. Too much highlighter

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In 2016, the beauty industry saw an influx of highlighter products. Everyone wanted to look like a golden goddess. But with the natural beauty trend having a moment, there seems to be a backpedaling on the disco ball look. Instead of chunky golden patches, a creamy subtle natural-looking glow is more desirable.


5. Cut crease eyeshadow

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The cut crease eyeshadow look has been a go-to for women and their makeup artists for years. It is dramatic and easy to achieve, but like most over-the-top trends, this too shall pass. It is beginning to look overdone and overrated. Blending is in and anything with harsh lines has got to go!

This is not to say that you cannot do these makeup routines because they’re fading away. This just means your Instagram timeline may start to look a little different. And if you’re into the new trends, then hop on board!

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