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Five Innovations This Decade’s Smartphones Race Will Be All About

This decade will have smartphone companies racing to be the first to achieve some of the innovations we will list below.


At the turn of the decade in 2020, smartphones have commendably come a long way, but as we’ll reveal, there is still a lot to be done. In past years we have seen improvement in connectivity and ability but even ordinary users have some improvements in their minds.


For example, you may want a smartphone that provides more data security. Or one with more durable battery life as well as faster charging. The good news is that many companies are already working to achieve these.


However, there is more. See our list of innovations that this decade’s smartphones race will likely be all about.

1. 5G connectivity

It is already in the works and will soon get into mainstream after the conclusion of tests. Needless to say, the first phone company that masters 5G network mass production will get a head start. Already, Samsung and Huawei appear to be leading as they have made announcements about their products that can work with 5G. So, the decade’s smartphone race for this innovation is already on.

2. Foldable devices

Smartphones decade race
Samsun Foldable smartphone. Photo: CNet.


This is another innovation that we are already seeing its fulfillment. Smartphones with flexible screens that allow for folding are already being unveiled. No doubt every user who can afford it will want these devices. One reason why this trend would be big is likely that it offers users the opportunity of using a large screen phone that is also portable when folded.

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In this field, we find market movers already. There is a tussle between Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Motorola and others.

3. Smarter assistants (AI)

The AI industry will generally become a major market when tech firms finally find a way to completely master it. Until this wide-reaching aim is attained, phone users will have to make do with smart assistants. Yet, if any phone company successfully creates assistants that can do a whole lot more than is currently available, they will surely outsell others.


To get a better understanding, recall there are already smart assistants. There is Alexa, Bixby, Google Assistant, Siri and so on. If one starts to clearly edge out the rest by ability, it will surely swing the market in its favour.

4. Smartphones using VR and AR

Smartphones decade race
Smartphones race of the decade may involve VR and AR. Photo: VRFocus.


Virtual reality (VR) and technologies have made their way slowly into cinemas and other aspects of life. Augmented reality (AR) tech is also getting popularity. Thus, smartphone companies would be competing this decade to produce devices that can give users these experiences. It is already being used in map apps.

5. Friendlier programmable UIs

Although smartphone makers always have consumers foremost in their minds, it is impossible to satisfy everyone’s wants. Therefore, one great smartphone innovation of the decade will include creating a phone user interface that is highly programmable by users without coding knowledge. With this, customers can fix their devices to best suit them.


Likely, the smartphone revolutions of the decade will emanate from achieving these innovations. The race is on and smartphone companies are not resting.


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