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Five important details from Apple iPhone 14 launch

Finally, the long-awaited iPhone 14 has launched along with several other products, and we have compiled the five most significant details you need to know.

1. No notch

One of the first things an avid iPhone enthusiast notices about the iPhone 14 is the redesign. It leaves the notch behind for a pill-shaped cutout for its camera and Face ID tech. The company tagged this cutout a “Dynamic Island”, and pop-up notifications will move around it.

2. No SIM trays

…at least for the ones sold in the US. Without a SIM tray taking up space, the makers got to design a more compact smartphone. Of course, the argument is that eSIM technology is safer and easier to switch between carriers instead of swapping SIMs.

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3. SOS over satellite

The iPhone 14 being sold in the US and Canada will include an emergency feature that lets owners send an SOS using a satellite connection when there is poor reception. All they need to do is point the phone in the direction of the closest satellite.

4. Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8

Away from the highlight-stealing iPhone 14 series launch, Apple also unveiled a couple of smartwatches. One of it is the Watch Ultra that is built to handled extreme sporting activities tracking like underwater diving. Meanwhile, the Watch Series 8 is an improved version of the Apple wearable with better temperature sensors to even track fertility. Additionally, it has a crash-detecting tech that allows users call for help if they are involved in an accident.

5. Second-gen AirPods Pro noise cancellation

Apple claims to have perfected its noise cancellation tech in the second-gen AirPods Pro which comes with a new H2 chip and spatial audio. This is not the only new thing about the AirPods as it now offers 30 hours with its charging case and speakers to help you locate them with the Find My app.

Apple still has another event scheduled for September 12 where it will unveil the iOS 16 and WatchOS 9, software that the new devices would run on.

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