Five Healthy Social Media Habits

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Social Media can be very addictive, and it is very important to know when to take a step back.

Too much of everything is bad and just like everything else, too much social media time can be toxic. Apart from the fact that Instagram takes up all your data, you probably don’t have any real friends there, so why spend so much time on there?

Twitter fights spring up every other day with all the juicy gist at the detriment of people whose real lives are at stake.

Asiwaju, a Twitter philanthropist who was accused of r**e allegedly committed suicide as a result of Twitter drama . This just shows that we probably shouldn’t spend all our waking hours or spare time on it.

Here are Five Health Habits you can employ.

  1. Download Helpful Apps

There are various applications on Android and iOS that can help you curb your social media addiction. Some apps tell you how much time you have spent on a social media page so that you can know to exit it, some would automatically log you out after you have spent a particular amount of hours on these apps daily. They help you to manage the time you spend on social media so that you can be productive elsewhere. Examples of such apps would be AppDetox, Stay On Task, Breakfree, and Offtime.

  1. Read Books

Knowledge is power and you cannot go wrong reading books. Downloading audiobooks, Kindle or Wattpad can be a good way to absorb yourself in the world of fiction. However, paperbacks would be highly recommended because they will make it harder to drift back into the apps on your phone.

  1. Discipline

The power of self-will cannot be understated. The fact that you can be a troll doesn’t mean that you should be. Exerting some form of self-control will save you a lot of trouble with everything in life. Resist the urge to respond to that troll. Resist the urge to over-share details about your personal life. Just resist the DEVIL and he shall Flee!!!… No pressure.

  1. Make Friends outside Social Media

Some people are lucky to make actual friends on social media but not everyone is that lucky. One thousand likes are not one thousand friends. These people are not real, and the likes don’t really mean that they like you. That is a virtual reality, snap out of it. Drop your phone at that party and actually talk to someone. Make real friends, start conversations, smile at people. You have a higher chance of making real friends that way.

  1. Delete the App!!!!

This goes without saying. If it is that hard to stay away, not having the app on your phone always helps.

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