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Five Interesting Facts About The Possibility Of Life On Mars

Life on Mars facts usually make for interesting reads, here, we look at just how much the planet closely resembles the Earth.

Mars, the next planet after our home planet, Earth, in the solar system has been a subject of interest to scientists because of the possibility of life on it. Although, to this day, despite having robots roving the planet, there has been no conclusive evidence of life there, whether in the past or present.

However, researchers have found several interesting details since studying the planet, here are some of them:

1. Mars could have once had liquid water on its surface, although, there only appears to be past indicators now, rather then present ones.

2. Scientists believe that Mars was very similar to Earth at their birth, about four billion years ago, sharing similarities like a central core, a rocky mantle, and a solid crust.

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3. While evidences suggest that there were once large bodies of water on Mars, they have all dried up because it did not experience plate tectonics, which is the concept that formed continents on Earth and developed life.

4. Despite all the habitable properties of Mars, scientists are skeptical about life on the planet because the two do not mean the same thing, that is, habitable conditions do not mean life existed.

5. You cannot breathe on Mars because its atmosphere contains mainly carbon dioxide and very little oxygen. This is because there are no plants to convert the abundant carbon dioxide into breathable air for humans, hence, astronauts need spacesuits to move outside their spacecrafts.

There have been so many developments on Mars research in the last decade and with the speed at which technology is growing, the next decade would see even more advancements.

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