Five Essential Features A Good Skincare Cream Should Have

Five Essential Features A Good Skincare Cream Should Have

A good skincare cream can help soothe and repair dry, itchy, and irritated skin. But with so many products in the market, how do you find one that works for you? It usually comes down to a matter of personal preference. You may choose to have a few on hand to suit your various needs. However, if you are wondering what makes a good skin care cream, here are some key features to look out for:

1. Adaptability

A basic feature of a good skin care cream is adaptability. A good product should be compatible with any skin type. Aside from other features like availability, affordability, and packaging, the ingredients should focus on truly repairing or improving the skin quality and texture regardless of what your current skin condition is.

2. Protection Five Essential Features A Good Skin Care Cream Should Have

Pollution, UV rays, dirt, wind, heat are just some of the elements we are constantly being exposed to. A good skin cream must provide a subtle layer on the skin that will help protect it against external factors. It should possess antibacterials, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories which are active ingredients capable of protecting your skin. Look for natural moisturizing agents that multitask to heal and protect your skin at the same time.

3. Maximum absorption

Your skin care cream should be more than just a moisturiser. It should also have deep penetrating powers, capable of sinking deep into the layers of your skin to heal and renew it from within. The absorption should be consistent throughout the skin and it shouldn’t clog the pores or leave it feeling heavy and greasy. Look for natural hydration properties which unlike chemical ingredients, are safe to be absorbed into your skin a daily basis.

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4. Non-toxic and free of artificial ingredients Five Essential Features A Good Skin Care Cream Should Have

Your skin is basically a sponge that absorbs quickly whatever you put on it. Once chemicals enter your skin, it quickly travels to other organs disrupting the function of entire systems in your body. Toxic compounds and chemicals shouldn’t be part of your skincare products. A good skincare cream should be made only with safe, natural ingredients that don’t cause long-term harm to your body.

5. Respects your skin’s PH-balance Five Essential Features A Good Skin Care Cream Should Have

To maintain the balance of the skin, it’s important to use creams with gentle, natural components that will maintain a neutral ph-balance of the skin. Highly acidic components can change the ph level of your skin causing adverse effects such as dry patches, redness, acne and excessive oil production.


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