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Five Easy Ways To Break Your TikTok Addiction

If you have a TikTok addiction, you have to understand that you are not alone as millions worldwide share a similar weakness. In fact, the viral video platform was the most use app in 2022, so, you have to understand that there are many like you out there.


It is possible to break TikTok addiction, especially if you are not an influencer or social media manager who has to be on the platform to make money. The steps may be easy but they require you not to give up, even when it seems the addiction is too strong.

Five Easy Ways To Break Your TikTok Addiction


1. Disable notifications: While you can now disable notifications entirely on smartphones, you can also do so for specific apps. Disabling notification is the first step because it is important in keeping to the other steps. TikTok uses an algorithm that can tell when you have not been on the platform for some time and it sends a reminder in form of a video you may love to see to bring you back.


On iPhone, open your iPhone Settings > Notifications > Find and tap on TikTok > Toggle it off.

On Android, go to Settings Apps > Find and tap on TikTok > tap on Notifications > toggle off Show notifications.

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2. Set limits: With TikTok daily screen time, you can set limits to reduce your usage. This feature sends you a notification while you are on the platform and have exceeded the time you set.


On TikTok, open your profile from the bottom > tap on Menu Settings and privacy Digital Wellbeing > Screen time Daily screen time. You will need to set a passcode to ensure that no one else can change the limit you set.


Five Easy Ways To Break Your TikTok Addiction
Five Easy Ways To Break Your TikTok Addiction | Set daily screen time


There also other time limits like screen time breaks which tells you when you have used the app too much in one stretch and even weekly screen time. In addition, you can see ho much of your time you spend on TikTok with the screen time dashboard.


3. Find alternative activities: It is harder to break your TikTok addiction if you have nothing else to do, so, pick up a new hobby or activity. Make sure you enjoy the alternative activity or you might find yourself still using TikTok while doing the activity. Watching movies, reading, exercising, listening to music, and so on can substitute for TikToking.


4. Meet with people: Many times, you spend loads of hours on TikTok watching other people do things. Some of these activities in themselves are basic but watching them makes you feel connected. Another way to connect is meeting with people physically and the time you spend with them is time you are not on TikTok.


5. Delete TikTok: This may sound extreme but it is the most effective as you cannot use the app anymore if it is no longer on your phone.


Remember that breaking any addiction takes time and effort, so be gentle with yourself and if you lapse, don’t be discouraged. The steps here are not limited to TikTok as it can help you break addiction to other social media platforms as well.


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