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Five Common Excuses For Not Working Out

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Have you ever asked yourself why you make excuses not to get down and dirty with your fitness goals? It’s very easy to blurt out those words to someone, or even yourself. You always find a reason to say no to that probing desire to go according to plan and work out. Your heart says yes, but your body says no. Why do they disagree so?

What you need to realise is that you can transform those same excuses into action. Get yourself working out. More work, fewer excuses. First, you need to know why you make those excuses in the first place. Once you do, you can avoid making them. You can talk to a friend or counsellor to get an insight into why you’re unmotivated to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It could be a health problem that’s restricting you. There are specific workout routines targeted at meeting that need. You just need to seek the advice and help of a certified fitness trainer. If that would be too expensive, then you can go online and find so many workout routines you can try out. The fact is that you know you shouldn’t, but then you do. It’s your effort to make yourself feel less guilty for not doing what you know you should.

While doing this may affect some aspects of your life, never compromise your health. Making excuses for your health may lead to detrimental health conditions like obesity, heart diseases and high blood pressure.

There are many people that get away with not working out, but this is rare. It may not happen immediately, but you eventually become a slave to your body. You will also become restricted from most activities that engage you physically. You don’t want that do you?

lazy to workout

Peradventure, you’re not the guilty party here. But you know that one person that’s just so unmotivated about working out. Certainly, you can identify with these common excuses they, or you make:

Excuse no. 1: I’m too tired

This is workout excuse 101. The lack of energy could all be in your head to keep you unmotivated. First, you need to be certain there’s no health condition deterring you from working out. This is because frequent fatigue can be a symptom of a sickness or disease.

After you’ve ruled out any health condition as a factor, you can be tough on yourself. What kind of food do you eat? How long do you sleep? How often do you move around? You may be the cause of your own fatigue because lack of activity, prolonged or short sleep, and eating heavy can be your source of weakness.

So, what you need is to actually push yourself and exercise to get rid of that weakness. Start small and don’t overexert yourself. Rather than an hour, start with 10 minutes and increase it over time. Exercising gives you more energy than you realise.

Excuse no. 2: I can’t afford a gym registration

Who says you have to be at the gym to work out? It’s true they have equipment that can motivate you to achieve more. But if you can’t even motivate yourself to have a regular workout routine, would that work?

A lot can be achieved in the comfort of your house or even on the street. And what’s even more thrilling is that it’s free.

Go online and search for at-home workout routines, take your bicycle for a spin or just walk/jog around to keep fit. If you want more, you can invest in some equipment during a sale. Get your own personal gear. Now you can’t make excuses.

Running is good for your health

Excuse no. 3: I don’t have time

Now you’re making it obvious you’re not interested in this fit-fam relationship. No one really has the time, but they create it. No matter how busy your schedule is, you’re in charge of your life and of what you do and don’t. Moreover, it’s your health we’re dealing with here.

So cut down on some things. Reduce the time you spend watching movies, eating and even using the loo.

If it’s still that bad, find alternatives. Rather than use the elevator, take the stairs. Rather than drive a short distance, walk or go cycling. You can also add a workout to your schedule, even if it’s for 10 minutes. This study shows how important those minutes are to your health.

Excuse no. 4: eating healthy is too expensive

Okay, this is a bone of contention. If you reflect on how much you spend on unhealthy foods, you’d realise you’ve been cheating yourself. If you reflect on how much you spend in treating yourself, you’d know you need a new eating habit.

You can make things less expensive by shopping in bulk. You should also grow your own vegetables and make your meals at home instead of buying healthy food outdoors. Truth is, buying already cooked healthy food is really more expensive than when you do the yummy work yourself. Finally, get a budget drawn out.

Excuse no. 5: Exercising is boring

You can make your workout routine seem like a dance tournament by playing songs to get you going. Don’t see exercising as boring work you need to get done. It’s a way of life that can be enjoyable. You can beat boring routines by getting friends involved. If you have like-minded company, it helps.

You can also engage in a workout routine that interests you. There are several options and you should not restrict yourself to only one. You can do boxing, cycling, yoga, or even swim. In no time, you’d find your happy place when you workout out.

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