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Five Chic Ways To Slay Your Denim Outfit 

Denim style is one aspect of fashion that we can confidently say it’s not going anywhere. Denim has been around since fashion itself and it’s safe to say, the fabric and style have come to stay. However, it’s creation was more about practicality than fashion.

When Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss invented jeans in 1873, the did so in request of workers who needed a strong fabric that could withstand long hours of hard labour.


Now, denim culled from “Serges De Nimes” where it was first woven has evolved into a fashion piece just about everyone owns. While denim is still known for its practicality as you can just throw on some pants and be on your way, they’re deliberate denim outfits that can take your fashion game to a straight-A.

Let’s explore some of them.

Denim overcoat and pants

Five Chic Ways To Slay Your Denim Outfit 

Photo credit: Pinterest

Imagine showing up to your event in this denim overcoat and pants with a crop top like Selena Gomez. Definitely a winner.

Bodycon gown

Another way to wear denim is in body con gown. This would be great for your night out with friends or even a dinner date. You can accessories with bang earrings and a low-heeled slip-on shoe to match.

Five Chic Ways To Slay Your Denim Outfit 

Photo credit: Pinterest


With a jumpsuit, you’re definitely standing out from the crowd. You’d do well to wear one that’s form-fitting to bring out the best of the style.

Five Chic Ways To Slay Your Denim Outfit 

Photo credit: Pinterest

Crop top and midi skirt

If you’re confident in your skin and not afraid to show a bit some of it then source for this stylish, midi skirt and crop for your evening out.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Denim top

This style is easy and chic and can be worn to just about anywhere.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Honorable mention, ripped jeans pants

It would not be right to not mention how you can totally slay in a ripped jeans pants. A chic and stylish crop top with ripped pants is a killer look for your night-out shenanigans.

Photo credit: Pinterest

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