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Five Categories Of People You Will Find In A Lagos Danfo

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A Lagos Danfo is the popular yellow bus that commutes many from work to home daily. It can be the bus that takes you from home to your business place. The Danfo is one entity a typical Lagosian cannot do without especially if you don’t have a car.


Five Category Of People You Will Find In A Lagos Danfo
Danfo Buses in CMS Lagos. Photo: Tribune Online


However, there are different categories of people you meet in Lagos Danfos. Below is a list that you will find very insightful and interesting.

1. The sleeper

This category of persons sleep whenever they enter the bus. They only wake up to pay the conductor or driver and continue sleeping. This usually happens with people who have to go to work at long distances. They simply sleep until they get to their bus stop. However, ensure you don’t oversleep so you don’t pass your bus stop if you are one.

2. The music enthusiasts

This persons just shut the world out with their earpiece listening to music. The music can be so loud that you can hear it from where you are sitting. Let’s just say these people like minding their business and would want to enjoy the journey in solitude.

3. The talkative

They can talk from the beginning of the journey until they get to their bus stop. He or she always has something to say. From the government to the way the driver is driving to the poor state of the road. They can also be on the phone laughing and gisting all the journey, oftentimes disturbing the sleepers.

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4. The assistant driver



They are always reprimanding the driver. Showing him short cuts to beat traffic, where to turn, where and how not to over speed etc. Although all of this is from a good place it can also be very distracting for the driver.

5. The one who will eventually fight with the conductor

Five Category Of People You Will Find In A Lagos Danfo
A bus conductor standing in a moving Danfo. Photo: 36NG.


The typical Lagos conductor can be annoying. They will intentionally hold on to your balance till you get to your bus stop and if you forget to ask for it, just take it that you have given it as a gift. So there is likely a passenger that will ask for his or her change from the moment they pay till they get to their bus stop.


So if you are sleeping or even listening to music this person is sure to interrupt you with their shouting. They will rain abuses on the conductor and if other passengers do not intervene, they may eventually fight.


Now you know the different categories of people In a Lagos Danfo. Which one are you?


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