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Fitbit Adds Blood Glucose Tracking To Its App

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Fitbit is adding a new feature to its app that allows users to keep track of their blood glucose levels. Blood glucose measurements are part of the daily routine of many people, specifically those with diabetes, so Fitbit is hoping to make it easier to visualize past and current levels in one place, along with other health-related information.

These measurements are typically done by drawing blood, so Fitbit devices can’t measure those levels themselves; but if you use the OneTouch Reveal app with a OneTouch monitoring system, the Fitbit app can import that data automatically, and support for other brands will be added over time. Otherwise, you can add the data manually.

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The fitness app will allow users to set target ranges for their blood glucose, and view that information in the context of their habits; such as how much they exercised, slept, or ate that day. Additionally, Fitbit Premium members can see how often their levels were within range for the last 30 days; as well as share their information with their healthcare provider as part of their Wellness Report. Similarly, if you subscribe to Fitbit’s Health Coach plan, users can give coaches access to their data so they can provide more adequate guidance.



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