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First Look At ‘Real’ Nissan Max-Out Electric Convertible

Summary: Nissan unveiled the physical version of its futuristic electric car, the Max-Out. The company has not revealed details about the car including its release date and specifications. It appears that this is one of the cars its plans to launch before 2030.


After a long time of being a virtual car, we finally get to see the Nissan Max-Out electric convertible concept car. The car maker revealed the physical vehicle at its Nissan Futures event in  Yokohama, Japan.


As already mentioned, what we have been seeing were renders of what the car would look like. Nissan announced a host of vehicles that will come out under its futuristic concept brand.


The Verge says that the car will remain on display in its physical form all through the duration of the event, which could be well into March 2023.


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Nissan Max-Out is a two seater convertible that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Its wheels look like nothing we have seen on the roads yet.


There isn’t that much detail yet about the car but the makers have said that it will come with dynamic cornering and a steering response that fits with the slightest body roll to improve comfort for driver and passenger in the front seats.


Nissan Max-Out electric convertible
Nissan Max-Out electric convertible


Max-Out could be among the lineup of cars that the Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer is planning to launch under the Nismo brand. For now, all we can do is admire the car’s aesthetic until the company shares more or leakers reveal additional details.


In related news, the company’s share price has risen by over 11% in 2023 but it fell on Wednesday after a brief climb caused by Renault’s decision to cut its stake in the car maker.


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