You are currently viewing Find Out New Features Of Android 11 By Attending A Developers Meetup Near You

Find Out New Features Of Android 11 By Attending A Developers Meetup Near You

To spread awareness among app developers regarding the unique features of the Android 11, Google is holding several meetups around you. In this article, you will see why these meetups and important and how to find one near you.


Since the launch of the Android 11 Beta version in the middle of June, Google has been holding several meetups. The company has hosted the event in Sao Paulo, Bangalore, Jakarta, Istanbul, Shanghai and many other places.


Announcing that the event is still ongoing, Google Developer Groups posted on its Twitter page:


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According to a statement from Android Developers, the events will help developers create apps that are compatible with Android 11. It said:


“This is a global series of community-led online events connecting you with other developers near you to learn what you need to know to prepare for the next release of Android. Come together to learn about what’s new in Android 11 and how to make your app compatible.”


To find an Android 11 meetup near you, the company provides a map that you can use to search for events. Also, to ensure that the meetups go smoothly, Android developers have community guidelines that participants must follow.


The meetups are for established Android developers who are interested in making apps and games. Since some regions may have in-person attendance restrictions, the meetups can be held online. Events are planned to run from 8th June to 28th August 2020.


Also, if you don’t find an event close to you, you can keep checking a few days later to see if Google has added an Android 11 meetup around your location.


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