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Find Out How Much Tech Workers In Nigeria Earn

Tech workers earn good salaries. Most of the time, however, self-employed people are the highest earners or the big shots. The likes of Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, and Jeff Bezos readily come to mind.


Those working freelance rank just below them, but this does not mean that tech employees do not do well for themselves.


For example, according to the CNBC, entry-level engineers are big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon make up to $150,000 yearly. Which is an average of N4.5 million every month. Also, the compensation increases at a good pace, sometimes exponentially.


The time is ripe for more people to start considering the tech industry as career goals.


In Nigeria, the companies that pay IT workers the highest are the biggest ones. According to an InfoGuide Nigeria article, they are:


Globacom Nigeria, Interswitch, MTN Nigeria, 9Mobile, Ericsson Nigeria, Google Nigeria, IBM Nigeria, Huawei, Airtel Nigeria, and MainOne.

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The above list was compiled in descending order.


Salary Explorer listed that the highest salaries are between N600,000 to N700,000 per month. These jobs include Chief Information Security Officer; Chief Delivery Manager; Director of Technology; Financial Systems Manager; Hardware Engineering Manager; Information Technology Director; Information Technology Operations Manager.


Tech Work Place. Photo: Women in Tech Africa.


The article also showed that Web Graphics Designers, Angular Developers and Database Analysts make decent salaries monthly. They earn within N300,000 and N400,000. However, these mouth-watering salaries seem limited to big companies.


On average, regardless of where one works, IT Managers and Business or Financial Systems Managers/Analysts earn the most in Tech industries. These tech workers earn up to N500,000 per month.


An article on My Salary Scale mentioned that IT Managers and Business Analysts earn the most in the Nigerian tech sphere. This corresponds with the above-mentioned article from Salary Explorer. So, when entering this field, interested ones should put this in mind. E-commerce managers also make attractive salaries and this is because they are in the financial sector as well.


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