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Finally: Google Is Making Its First In-house Smartwatch For 2022 Launch

Reports from the Insider says that Google is making its own in-house smartwatch that could launch in 2022. The tech company has not released a physical smartwatch despite having the software for it.

The codename for the watch “Rohan” is reportedly worked on by Google’s Pixel group. Hopefully, it is named a “Pixel watch” as that will continue the naming scheme at the company.

Google already has Fitbit, which it bought for $2.1 billion this year to consider when building its own in-house watch. The watch is reportedly going to have some features from the sports fitness watch Fitbit.

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Basically, the acquisition is a way to port all of the good bits of Fitbits and integrate its own Wear OS software as well.

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We didn’t see a Foldable from Google during its Pixel 6 and 6 Pro event. The first next-generation smartphone codename is the “Passport”.

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Reports from reliable leaker Evans Blass, also known as @evleaks published the leak via his tweet account on September 20th 2021. He also mentioned the device was found in Google’s next mobile operating system Android 12.1.

The wearable market will definitely experience a shakeup from the emergence of Google’s Pixel watch. We can only hope for the integration with its own Wear OS, Fitbit’s fitness features and the quality hardware of Pixel’s products.


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