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Feminists Drag Omar Hardwick On Twitter For Kissing Beyoncé Inappropriately At NAACP Awards

Power actor Omar Hardwick has become the recipient of online trolls on Twitter. He’s being dragged for his awkward attempt at kissing Beyoncé at the NAACP Awards which held on Saturday. It took place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.


The actor who plays Ghost on the popular HBO series, Power, went in for not one, but two kisses. One came dangerously close to the singer’s mouth. This awkward moment happened soon after he had posed for photos with Jay-Z. He then approached Beyoncé and planted the kisses. This move later sparked a debate online.


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Twitter went crazy after the video went online. The video shows Beyoncé looking slightly uncomfortable. Her fans were fast to point this out and drag Hardwick for invading her personal space. They analysed the whole situation, calling the second kiss “unnecessary and uncomfortable”.


Watch the video below and read the reaction comments below.

Feminists drag

feminists-drag-omar-hardwick-on-twitter-for-kissing-beyonce-at-naacp-awardsFeminists drag





Feminists drag feminists-drag-omar-hardwick-on-twitter-for-kissing-beyonce-at-naacp-awardsFeminists drag

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