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Federal Gov Ban Abuja Protests Stating Covid-19 Concerns

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The Federal Government of Nigeria has banned all protests within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The ban was placed on Oct 15th by the FCT Administration.protests

Since October 8th, protests have raged all over the country with thousands of youths taking to the streets to demand a total end of dreaded police unit FSARS. The government on Sunday, October 15th annouced that FSARS operatives have been banned and the unit dissolved.


However, protesters refused to leave the streets. This is due to a high level of distrust for the Nigerian Government. The unit over the years has dissolved FSARS similarly, yet they carry on the nefarious activities, undeterred.

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According to the FCT Minister, Adamu Bello, the #EndSARS protesters are constituting nuisances within Abuja. He shared they’ve caused inconveniences in the city as such, they would no longer be allowed to protest. He also cited Covid-19 concerns. Bello shared that the protesters are violating social distancing rules and endangering the lives of other residents.


“All street demonstrations, protests, and processions will not be allowed anywhere within the FCT,” the statement read.


Since the commencement of the protests, Abuja protesters, have suffered different forms of violence. There have been several reports of water cannons and tear gas from police and thugs attacking their procession. Protesters in Lagos have also been attacked by hoodlums but this didn’t stop them from carrying on the #EndSARS movement. They insist the Government begin trials of guilty ex-SARS members before the protests will end.



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