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Fashion Tips to Enhance your Slim Figure

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Yes, it’s awesome when people throw compliments your way about how slim you are, especially if you’re naturally slender.

They associate you with the term ‘modella’ like the cliché would just make you get on the Victoria Secret Runway instantly. If you had a dollar for every time you had been referred to as ‘skinny’ ‘slim’ or even more popularly, ‘modella’, you would probably be sharing the spotlight with Aliko Dangote right now.

You probably wished things could work out that way, but sometimes all you really just worry about is how to enhance your slim figure.

It’s true that some trends just work for you but there are still some fashion don’t you have to be mindful of.

Interestingly, while some people might even envy you and wish they could have a body like yours, the irony is that you often wish you could add a few pounds and be like them. You just want to look curvy, and taller sometimes and not just slender.

Unfortunately, a lot of people find it hard to be satisfied with what they’ve got because it just seems other people have it good and they don’t.

Please note that you have it perfectly right to the T and we believe that all you need to know is to how to enhance that beautiful slim figure you’ve got.

Truth is, you certainly know that being slim also comes at a price. You need to conceal some parts and accentuate the very flattering parts of your body.

Granted, you can throw on any outfit and your figure would accept it, but would it fit?

Here’s our Fashion tips on how you can enhance that gorgeous slim figure

You can add some curves to your frame by wearing a peplum style top or dress. This works so well in giving by you the illusion of having curves, so opt for this the next time you desire some figure-hugging fashion tactic.

Another way to enhance your figure is to wear bootleg jeans and trousers.This gives you an extra dimension. Also, you should stay away from black. The reason people with a bigger size wear black is because it gives the illusion of looking slimmer and this is the opposite result of what you desire to achieve. Therefore, you should opt for horizontal striped outfits.

Accessorize with scarves to give an illusion of curves. Get yourself lovely maxi skirts if you want to draw attention from your legs and wear long sleeve shirts and jackets if you want to draw attention from our upper body.

What Not to Wear

  • Do not wear dark colors like black, brown or grey. They make you look slimmer
  • Do not wear overly baggy outfits, they make you look even smaller than you are
  • Avoid pairing vertical outfits and heels
  • Do not wear clingy outfits, they only accentuate your skinny figure

It’s pretty easy to slay like you’re on the runway.

And you just might end up on the Victoria Secrets runway if you play your cards right.

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