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Fahim Saleh, CEO And Founder Of Gokada Found Dismembered In His Apartment

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Fahim Saleh, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Nigerian motorcycle ride-hailing startup Gokada is dead. Saleh was found in his New York apartment in what appears to be a gruesome murder.


The body was first found by Saleh’s sister who went to his apartment after she hadn’t seen him. She then called 911 to the luxurious Manhattan apartment after discovering the corpse of her brother in his home. Headless and limbless, his dismembered body was found next to an electric saw that is likely the weapon of murder.


The motive for the murder in the house which Saleh acquired for $2.25 million is still unknown. His friends believed that he was targeted, however, they say Saleh never acted bothered.


“We have a torso, a head that’s been removed, arms, and legs. Everything is still on the scene. We don’t have a motive,” NYPD spokesman Sgt. Carlos Nieves said. Some parts of Saleh’s body were found cut up, placed into bags, and distributed about the apartment.


The NYPD has begun an investigation into the murder and reports say they are reviewing CCTV footage.  An elevator surveillance camera shows the 33-year-old getting into the elevator, followed quickly by a second man, wearing a suit, gloves, and a hat with a mask over his face.


Fahim Saleh Gokada found dead
Fahim Saleh is described by friends as a happy-go-lucky person.


Saleh became interested in tech from a young age. His first venture was a simple site for his family – Then at 15, he started another website which metamorphosed into a blogging site.

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He was making profits between $100,000 and $150,000 a year in high school by creating websites that focused on young people. After high school, he attended Bentley University in Boston, Massachusetts. There he studied Computer Information Systems and built a Facebook app which was a food delivery service for students.


Saleh then began, a phone-pranking app that would let a user choose a prank call before calling up their friends to hear their surprised reaction. He says in a medium article that the app generated about $10million during its lifetime.


Then he began TapFury, an entertainment company, and a gaming company called Ninja Fish.


In 2018, Saleh launched a bike-hailing company in Lagos, Nigeria called Gokada. The company was to help solve traffic problems in the commercial city which is also the country’s most populated place.


CEO Gokada Fahim Saleh
Fahim Saleh was the Founder & CEO of a ride-hailing company, Gokada, before the ban on motorcycles in Lagos, Nigeria.


Saleh had to close up shop in Nigeria after a government order meant that his more than 1,000 bikes could no longer operate in the state. He had to lay off about 800 bikers not too long after, despite just raising $5.3 million in funding from a venture capital firm.


Fahim Saleh was born in Saudi Arabia but his family is Bengali, Indian, who eventually settled in the US. His friends say that he was a self-made millionaire who had a passion for gadgets and video games.


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