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Facebook Unveils ‘Drives’ For People In Need

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Facebook is launching a few new ideas intended to help those in need, and one of these efforts is called ‘Drives’; a new initiative for people in the US to bring together food; clothing; and other basic needs for people deprived of them.


Drives is rolling out in the US today and it will be live for all users in the country over the coming days. It will be available via Facebook’s Community Help center, where Facebook streamlines information about recent crises and gives instant access to crisis response services such as Safety Check and fundraisers. The center was introduced in 2017 and was later remodeled to provide users correct and real-time information on COVID-19.

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With the new feature, Facebook is allowing users create and share efforts for collecting items; such as a Canned Food Drive that seeks to gather food for local shelters. To create a Drive, you can go to Facebook’s Community Help and click the ‘Request or Offer Help’ button.


In addition to Drives, Facebook also said it will match up to $7 million in eligible donations to nonprofits in the US; as part of the Giving Tuesday event on December 1. Also, Instagram will soon include new fundraising features; designed to help users create and share nonprofit fundraisers directly within their feed. All donations will be processed via Facebook Pay; and all proceeds will go to the recipient nonprofits.


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